Load Monitoring

ERS offers solutions for rental and sales of load monitoring equipment tailored for every need.

Load Monitoring Solutions

ERS offers solutions for rental and sales of load monitoring equipment tailored for every need. From simple wireless load cells to interlocked safety systems to protect your equipment and personnel, we can deliver a solution. ERS can custom design systems for any need, using systems and components from many suppliers as well as custom equipment designed for the task.

We stock the Eilon Engineering Wireless Load cell range for both hire and sale. Their compact form factor features easy deployment and hassle-free iPad connectivity with an intuitive display for easy overload warning.

It is now 2020, load monitoring has come a long way from the days of bulky dynamometers in the roof with no remote view. We live in the age of easily accessible data, larger productions, more complex rigs, and an increase in statically indeterminate loads. We believe that load cells are an essential tool in every riggers bag.

There is no longer any excuse for not knowing accurate weights especially in situations that include automation, performer flying and complex lifts.


ERS will often deploy load cells to combat risk from two of the most common and dangerous rigging scenarios.

The Statically Indeterminate Structure Phenomenon:
Each time there are more than two hoists on a truss or more than three hoists in a structure, it becomes statically indeterminate, resulting in an unpredictable load distribution. In most cases this will cause a load imbalance, in which some of the hoists may reach overload while others carry only a small part of the load.

The Levelled Truss Illusion: 
The belief that levelling a structure will automatically create an even load distribution is a dangerous misconception; no connection exists whatsoever between a levelled structure and one with an even load distribution. Because of the unpredictable load distribution, overload situations might happen to the most experienced riggers!

Why we have chosen the Eilon Wireless System:
High accuracy: ±2%
Fatigue rated load cells
Rugged, IP rated & small form factor: for maximum trim height
Ease of setup and operation
Smart reporting coupled with real time monitoring world-wide.
Long battery Life: 5,000 Hours
Fatigue rated load cells:

Fatigue rated load cells:
All Eilon Engineering load cells are fatigue rated, an important feature especially for fixed and long-term installations. The load cell’s ability to withstand successive load cycles for long periods of time without the risk of failure or damage to the steel, affords peace of mind for the user

Hire Equipment

To enquire about hiring ERS load monitoring equipment please get in touch.

Eilon Engineering Load Cell Hire

Eilon Engineering Load Cell Hire

Eilon Engineering Load Cell Hire










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